Chris Lethbridge

A Time, A Place, A Story …

The King’s Engraver

A fictionalised biography of George III’s Engraver, set in the louche art world of 18th Century London and Paris

A moral tale of hope, betrayal and masquerade

 What drove William Wynne Ryland to risk all

to make his fortune?

At 26, William has dark looks and abundant talent. But he is forced to choose between his Parisian lover and his yearning for great wealth and acclaim. He soon discovers the world does not owe him a living.


In London, he is blackmailed by French spies and tortured by a visceral fear of debt. To achieve his dreams William must keep these secrets safe. As invasion threatens England, William plays off the demands of two Kings, exploits the might of the East India Company and strives to outdo his rivals in the print trade.

Forgery and espionage are capital crimes. Should he ever cross the line, the hangman’s noose awaits.

The King’s Engraver features leading artists of the day, including Angelica Kauffmann, founder member of the Royal Academy and many contemporary characters, all implicated in William’s journey.